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Students enjoy a dead good time in London

Credit: Nicholas Frakes and Hanna Abu Bakar

Brunel students Nicholas Frakes and Hanna Abu Bakar tell their story of how a trip into London turned surreal at the weekend, as they came face-to-face with the undead.

Zombies invaded the streets for charity last Saturday as we stumbled upon a group of dressed up old and young people in a crowd of Covent Garden.

It was a walk to raise money for the homeless during winter. The Charity is held annually for the past 10 years and the walk we stumbled upon had just celebrated their 10th anniversary with families and children that were required to dress in their usual theme, The Zombie Walk.

The walk started in the Northern London city of Camden and ended in Central London by a square near the entrance to the Covent Garden Underground entrance where everyone helped themselves to a few pints of beer. The walkers were dressed in utterly ridiculous and scary outfits which really brought out their wholehearted dedication for the charity run although some came for the experience.

Although it took us a solid 20 minutes to reach out to someone who was sober enough to talk to us, we managed to speak to a few people who gave their best to explain to us what the whole thing was all about.

Riki Allen,32, came with his friends this year but also mentioned that he his family tagged along in the previous years of the event. All the way from North London dressed in a suit and what looked like Mr. Allen was shot in the eye explained “It’s just a vibe” although we were not sure of what he was trying to say in the amidst of ridicule we were glad that he managed to talk to us.

A steward we met at the event, Alex Lane,31, from Portsmouth said he discovered the event on Facebook 5 years back and continued to be a part of it in the following years. He became a steward after his second time taking part of the walk and portrays the unofficial “security” to keep everyone from misbehaving even after drinking.

Mr. Lane also mentioned that the walk is estimated to raise £1,000 for the St. Mungo’s Charity although it was unclear of the exact amount they’ve raised but he has confirmed it will be released after a week of the event.

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