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5 fashion staples for your Autumn capsule closet

October, the month where student loans drop and autumnal trends are set. The month might bring the misery of shorter days and colder evenings but at least there’s pennies left to spare to kick start your university capsule closet.

There’s no denying summer is well and truly over (sigh), and as much as we don’t want to, it is time to bin those sandals that are just about holding together, and swap our tank tops for a good old knit.

Here we’ve put together 5 items to convert your wardrobe for the colder months ahead – a collection of trusty pieces, that will add some versatility to your autumnal closet making those gloomy mornings slightly easier…


As we make a transition in our very unpredictable English weather, the leather jacket is perfect for those days of not knowing what we’re going to face. For students, it’s a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, whether rushing to lectures or for warmth of a night, you know it’s a pretty trusty piece.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket from Zara £49.99


Think less of stylish slip ons, chic heels and more about comfort and sensible footwear. A good pair of trainers and you know you can take on any outfit, carelessly but still under control. Student are nights are NOT for heels (comfort is key) and no one has time to be choosing shoes before a 9am. They will not leave your feet all year.

Reebok Classic Club C Vintage Trainers from Asos £70.00


Backpacks have taken the high-street stores by storm and those not point denying that they are a must have for university. With a pack back on your shoulders, you may have a chance of looking slightly ready for the day. Big enough to fit the necessities for a day of lectures.

SCANDI Backpack from Topshop £26.00


In with the new out with the old. From sixth days consisting of skinny jeans tight enough to be sprayed on, university will convert you the opposite way. A pair of high-waisted mom jeans, to hide the bloated stomach from drinking the night before and cute enough to pull on any top in your wardrobe, cropped or not.

MOTO Vintage Blue Mom Jeans From Topshop £40.00


A chunky knit with some good denim will become the uniform of the winter term. Essential for warmth with the feeling that you’re wrapped in a blanket whilst sitting through lectures but socially acceptable to go out in public in. In different colours and you’re sorted for the week ahead.

High Neck Sweater from & Other Stories £49

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