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Food prices on campus are increasing: What do you think?

The pound plunge has sandwich and coffee prices skyrocketing. Photo by: Liza Schirinzi

The plunge in the value of pound may hit Brunel student’s wallets hard, with Tesco UK boss Matt Davies having warned that the increase in food prices will have a lethal impact for those on a tight budget.

The prices have increased by 1 % across the country over the last couple of months, but it’s not just the weekly shop that is taking Brunel students by surprise this autumn.

The increase has affected most of the ready-to-eat meals at both Starbucks and Costa Coffee, with the latter having gone through a rebrand from ‘proud to serve Costa’ to Brew 1966.

IKB Insider is currently investigating the difference in food and coffee prices across campus, and would like to hear student’s opinions. Let us know where you prefer to buy lunch when you’re on campus in the survey below, and how the rise in prices have affected your budget.

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